How to become a racer

Motorsurfing is an entirely new sport, which comes from the Czech Republic and is spread over the whole world. Motorsurfing uses a surfboard with an internal combustion engine – Jetsurf. In 2013 the world championship was created under the FIDSM federation umbrella.
Now even you can be a part of the Motosurf WorldCup racing series.

Every Jetsurf owner has the opportunity to register for the races. These races take place on several continents and 5 countries in total.


For Jetsurf racing you need basic equipment in the from of a motorized surf – Jetsurf in good mechanical condition, a vest, leash, helmet and neck protector for riders until 18 years old.

Any racer older than 14 can participate in Jetsurf races. A condition of participation is the completion of a timed qualification course.

At the races it is imperative to follow the instructions of the organizer and to follow all rules of the races (link to rules).


News 2018 – MotoSurf WorldCup

  • 5 races, 3 continents
  • Calendar 2018
  • Every MSWC round includes women’s category race
  • Track direction changes during every event
  • Junior WorldCup Race in Bruck (Austria) 10.-12.8.2018 (licence and starting fee for free)
  • Men: All year licence 100 EUR, one-race licence 50EUR
  • Women: All year licence 50 EUR, one-race licence 50EUR
  • Men’s starting fee: 100EUR per race
  • Women’s starting fee: 50EUR per race
  • Technical and administration checks before each race
  • Local races will not be part of the MotoSurf WorldCup (racers from worldcup can not start in CE Energy+ European Championship, except race in Lušenec, SK)
  • 48 riders allowance for the men’s category and 24 riders for women‘s
  • Gear requirements: Jetsurf in good mechanical condition, a vest, leash, helmet and neck protector for riders until 18 years old.
  • New MotoSurf Continental cup – calendar (championship of local races) 


The entry into the MSWC race is based on last years performances. Top ten Czech riders advance through and so are top two of each other nationality.

The rest of the Czech riders and other nationalities will qualify to the race based on their qualifying lap time at each particular event. If qualified once, that does not mean the rider is permanently qualified for the whole season.

The promoter has right to select two riders to attend the race.




Training centres:

Czech republic – Valtice (
Mexico – Cancun (Marina Chac Chi, Cancun