How to become a racer

Motorsurfing is an entirely new sport, which comes from the Czech Republic and is spread over the whole world. Motorsurfing uses a surfboard with an internal combustion engine – Jetsurf. In 2013 the world championship was created under the FIDSM federation umbrella.
Now even you can be a part of the Motosurf WorldCup racing series.

Every Jetsurf owner has the opportunity to register for the races. These races take place on several continents and 5 countries in total.


A FIDSM license is necessary to participate in the MSWC races (a one-year license is 100EUR, a one-race license is 50EUR for man’s category and women all year licence 50eur, one-race licence 50EUR)

To request a license and to register for a race please use the email:

It is necessary to register for a race at least 3 weeks prior to the individual event.

For Jetsurf racing you need basic equipment in the from of a motorized surf – Jetsurf in good mechanical condition, a vest and helmet.

Any racer older than 14 can participate in Jetsurf races. A condition of participation is the completion of a timed qualification course.

At the races it is imperative to follow the instructions of the organizer and to follow all rules of the races (link to rules).

Winner of Motosurf WorldCup win new Jetsurf Race Titanium

Travelling and accommodation included for the top 10 fastest riders (man) in Motosurf World Cup.

Price money 3530EUR in total from each event for man category.


News 2017 – MotoSurf WorldCup

  • 5 races, 3 continents
  • Every MSWC round includes women’s category race
  • Track direction change during every event
  • Junior race in Prague (7-14 years old)
  • Race and the Championship points also from the HEATS. Final points weight 3 times more.
  • Team standings – men’s category top finisher and women’s category top finisher collect points for their team to the team standings
  • 3530EUR in total from each event
  • Free travelling and accommodation for the top 10 men riders
  • Men: All year licence 100eur, one-race licence 50EUR
  • Women: All year licence 50eur, one-race licence 50EUR
  • Men’s starting fee: 100EUR per race
  • Women’s starting fee: free
  • Juniors – everything for free
  • Technical and administration checks before each race (Thursday)
  • Local races will not be part of the MotoSurf WorldCup
  • 48 riders allowance for the men’s category and 24 riders for women‘s
  • In 2018, only riders with MotoSurf Worldcup 2017 appearance will be permitted to compete in series as well as top positions finishers from local rounds.
  • Some countries will organize local races
  • Official MSWC testing event. – 12.-15.4. Spain – Benidorm


Prepare yourself for MSWC season



31.1.2017 – races registrations by e-mail, starting number announcement, provide application for FIDSM licence, provide personal info for website profile

15.2.2017 FIDSM licence settlement, provide graphics and sizes for race shirts

(requirements for grant licence as well)


Training centres:

Czech republic – Valtice (
Mexico – Cancun (Marina Chac Chi, Cancun
China – Schenzen (race address and contact information)


In the event of any questions please contact: or +420 605297954