MotoSurf has been promoted to the highest level of sport discipline and opened its first season as an official World Championship. South Moravian region in the Czech Republic, hosted the season opener seeing a record braking number of 110 competing racers from 19 different countries. MotoSurf, MotoSurf Electric and e-Foil masters competed on the wonderful country setup in Jedovnice.

The Friday’s action saw qualifying and it was Czech rider Dominik Kadlec who opened the weekend on winning wave with posting the fastest qualifying laptime in the open class. The top 5 was incredibly close within a gap of just a one second.

In the Stock class, South Korean Down Kim stopped the clock on the fastest time and secured a pole position at the South Moravian GP of the Czech Republic.

Stock Rookies – class of rising starts witnessed a breathtaking qualifying between Matyáš Novotný and Alex Lukscheider. Eventually, Matyáš found better pace by just twenty six thousands of a second in front of his compatriot.

The Juniors were topped by Mariana Navarová while Electrics quali was taken by Matej Kozisek.

In the Women class, the winningest lady Aneta Sacherova took the pole from Eliska Matouskova who surprised with 2nd spot after moving up from the Juniors class. Aneta Stloukalova completed the top three. Eunjin Lee from South Korea and Miki Tory from Japan made also a great laptime finishing 10th and 11th respectively.

The Saturday programme planned the three heats that determined top 12 finalists for each class. Dominik Kadlec kept his pace and managed to control all the heats. Jakub Kornfeil marked three victories as well as the reigning champion Lukas Zahorsky finished 3rd.

After the Saturday’s program, the Stock Class was lead by Jakub Schejbal and Ondřej Musil. Ayrton Eboli from Mexico made it to the finals from 3rd seeing a great country fight with Italian Yevgen Lafazn proceeding from 6th, Japanese Suguru Ikeda from 7th and Hasan Boabbas from Kuwait closing the final 12.

The Stock R class brought three points ties between Matyáš Novotný, Alex Lukscheider and Jonáš Kratochvíl.

Oliver Navara dominated the Juniors from his sister Mariana, Sebastian Kostelecký and Jantorn Vatcharasak from Thailand. Electric challenge expected close battle after Matej Kozisek, Michal Skocek, Alain Coppens and Jeffrey Chavaillaz made it to the finals.

In the women’s class, Aneta Sacherova finished on tied points with Eliška Matoušková and Aneta Stloukalová completed the top three.

The Sunday was a racing day and nobody couldn’t wait for the racing action to be started.

In the Open class, surprise of the weekend. Jakub Kornfeil compeleted the finals with 1-2 finishes to claim the his first victory with 2017. Nikolas Blaha finished 2nd and reigning champion Lukáš Záhorský stepped up on the last podium step.

In the Women Class – Aneta Sacherova won both finals and proved her favorite role. Aneta Stloukalova secured 2nd place overally from Eliska Matouskova who scored sensational podium in 3rd. Anya Colley from Great Britain finished 4th and 4th for 5th overall, Klára Sitarová made it to 4th with 3rd and 5th in the finals. It was a good season for Mexican representative Alaia Flores who squeezed into the top 10 ten.

The rookies -R class finals was a spectacular show of super fast young talents. Matyáš Novotný from Czech Republic eventually rode fastest for the overall victory from Alex Lukscheider and Denis Burda.

Oliver Navara topped the boys competition in the Juniors from Thai surprise Jantorn Vatcharasak and Sebastian Kostelecky.

Mariana Navarova scored victory in the girls Juniors from Emma Strculova and Barbora Kolarova.

Matej Kozisek opened the Electric Challenge season with a victory with last year’s winner Michal Skoček in 2nd and Belgium representative Alain Coppens in third.

The Stock Class final was a great surprise. Lights went down and the lead was taken by Kuwaiti Hasan Boabbas who kept on building his pace and opening a leading margin. Just a  dream it could be for the likeable Kuwaiti representative. Hasan did it and became the first ever Kuwaiti racer to win the motosurf world stage competition. 2nd place was taken by Mexican Ayrton Eboli who was strong throughout the whole weekend. Petr Pozdník from the Czech Republic closed the top three racers.

Last but not least, the e-foil Masters competition took place on the water in Jedovnice. Vaclav Hruby riding Audi e-Foil topped the class in front of Jan Skořepa on Lift and Matej Ecler on Flite e-foil board.

After the action, it was a right time for flag parade to remind how worldwide the competition is – moving to Mexico in one month time.