Jakub kornfeil rules the saturday programme at wyboston lakes

Jetsurf Factory’s Jakub Kornfeil found the fastest pace on Saturday programme. Rider nr. 84 was fastest in the qualifyings and ruled also both heat rounds of his group. After his absence at last race in St. Petersburg, Kornfeil is on the best way to return on top.

Championship leader Sebastian Kubinec dominated Group B, grabbed two victories to finish 2nd in total. Lukáš Záhorský who suffered an unlucky crash yesterday was considering to enter today’s competition. Finally, he was declared fit to ride and reigned group C – meaning 4th spot today. Looking in a great shape, Jetsurf USA’s Petr Průcha topped Group D and takes 3rd place overally.

Women qualifying winner Aneta Šacherová took the control of group she performed in and owns two heat victories after Saturday programme. Renata Kelemenová went for 2nd and 1st to take the overall 2nd spot. Eva Bego managed to make two consistent sessions behind Šacherová and two second positions bring her to 3rd. The Championship contender Martina Bravencová was fastest in the first heat but was unluckly in the next one. Technical issue forced her to retire so she ends second day at Wyboston Lakes in 5th.

Jakub Kornfeil: “Well, yesterday in the qualifying, I didn’t feel hundred percent on the board. I made a couple of mistakes so I was focused on clean and fast rounds today. It seems like it worked in I really enjoyed riding today. I hope I can continue like this also tomorrow.“

Aneta Šacherová: “It’s great to be on the top step but I need to stay realistic. Martina was unlucky today but I know she is very very fast and it will be a close battle in the race distance.“