Maiden victory for Heiník, World titles for Šacherová and Záhorský

Last race of the UIM MotoSurf WorldCup 2019 season headed to Orlando, Florida. Jetsurf Academy Orlando located at Clermont Water Sport Complex hosted the world stage of motorized surfing competition for the first time. A couple of days ago, MotoSurf Amercia Cup riders raced on the same venue to later join World Cup level competition the upcoming weekend. Heading into the qualifying on Friday, it was nobody else than king of jetsurfing Lukáš Záhorský claiming the fastest qualifying time. The young Captain Candy #brave’s speedster was followed by Pavel Heiník who made just one qualifying lap due to a technical issue. Improving every race, Bronislav Stratil went for his best ever qualifying taking 3rd.

In the women’s competition, it was Anya Colley posting currently fastest laptime. Her rythm held just until Aneta Šacherová made it on the track. The reigining world champion smashed the session with nearly two seconds faster laptime.

Unfortunately, there was no racing on Saturday as weather conditions in Florida didn’t allow the programe to continue. Saturday schedule was cancelled and so organizers squeezed all the action to Sunday.

Three heats instead of traditional four and one lap shorter heat rounds and final B, that was riders’ Sunday duty. In heats, it was again Lukáš Záhorský undeafetead throughout the whole heats rounds. Pavel Heiník rode in an incredible form for 2nd place and the one who really surprised the field was Rui Merralls – scoring 2-1-2 meant excellent 3rd spot and a podium hope for likeable Briton.

Mattech Racing’s Aneta Šacherová was unstoppable either in heats and dominated each of them. Anya Colley made it to 2nd with great speed and Martina Bravencová closed the top 3 women challenge. Canadian Reana Daveau made it to Final A in 7th together with MotoSurf America runner-up – Mexican – Andrea Carreiro in 11th.

Final B still kept a chance for top 4 finisher to fill the Final A list. Canadian Mark Andrews didn’t hesitate to take this opportunity and together with Filip Sihelský, Vojtěch Pavlíček and former olympic skier Tomáš Kraus secured the final A spot on the grid.

Coming to the finals, we expected the battle for First lap award trophies but mainly last championship available points chase. In the first men final, Martin Šula led the way through the first lap followed by Lukáš Záhorský and Pavel Heiník. A great strategy and consistent speed eventually meant final glory for Heiník who beat Záhorský and Bronislav Stratil.

Aneta Šacherová opened a comfortable gap right from the beginning for first lap award and victory. Klára Sitarová made it to second and Martina Bravencová crossed the finish line in 3rd.

Second men finals meant another first lap award for jetsurf creator Martin Šula. However, Bronislav Stratil took over the lead and won his first ever MotoSurf WorldCup final. Nikolas Blaha finished 2nd and Pavel Heiník made it to 3rd for overall victory and the first time career top step trophy.

Lukáš Záhorský faced a technical issue and finished 4th overally but nobody could steal the title from young Czech rider. Rui Merralls rode in strong pace for top 5 in the season finals in Orlando. Mark Andrews representing Canada eventually scored 10 position overally.

Aneta Šacherová dominated also the second finals and it was clear she was taking another World Cup crown. Martina Bravencová made it to 2nd place overally and MSR Engines Team’s Klára Sitarová secured the last podium step.



MotoSurf WorldCup 2019 season came to a close and we are now looking forward for more action in 2020.