Maiden victory for Nikolas Blaha while Aneta Šacherová remain undefeated in Kazan!

Ambien Online Usa Fourth stop of the UIM MotoSurf WorldCup discovered a brand new destination for its 4th stop of the 2019 season. The ultime motorized surfboards world championship stopped in Kazan, the sports capital of Russian Federation.

Ambien Sleeping Pills Online Ministry of Sports in cooperaion with Autosports Federation hosted the race for the first time in magnificent sceneries of Kazan Kremlin Fortress. It was truly cool view on one of the longest tracks in the championship and close battles among the buoys. Over 45 riders from all over the world came to compete for Kazan’s glory including Chinese Olympic Team representatives, Korean National racers and 7 Russian Jetsurf fighters.

Qualifyings highlighted the Friday programe seeing Aneta Šacherová victorious. A great surprise arised with Barbora Janošková in 2nd and Chinese Jiachang Liu in top 10 attack.

In the men’s, it was the championship leader Lukáš Záhorský stopping the clock on the lowest lap time for his premiere pole position of the season.

Womens heats belonged to the Queen of Kazan race – Aneta Šacherová smashed the competition for leading after Saturday. Lukáš Záhorský was leading the way with a very little gap in front of Nikolas Blaha, Vít Limr and crowd’s favorite – former Continental Hockey League player – Petr Průcha.

Heading to the finals, Final B was to bring four riders to complete the Final A entry list. Vojta Pavlíček – Mattech Racing stormed the round for his ever final A appearance together with Musil, Stratil and Blaha. So close behind the Final A gate, Lihong Tuo from China finished 5th.

Finals in the women were dominated by Aneta Šacherová, Martina Branvecová took second and Barbora Janošková made it to maiden podium finish. Lukáš Záhorský rode in a great shape but it was not enough this time. Nikolas Blaha rode fast, smoothly and with great confidence around the Kazan track. 2nd place in the first final gave him a great chance to win the race. He didn’t miss this opportunity, won the second shootout for first ever overall victory! Záhorský finished second and Petr Průcha completed the podium in 3rd.

What a beautiful weekend that was! We can’t wait to come here the next season.