Prepare yourself for MSWC season

The most important gear requirements for motosurf racing are helmet and vest.

Every riders has to wear a lycra outfit t-shirt as well. The t-shirts production will be secured for everybody using your own designs.

(You can also produce it on your own, there are just two requirements: big starting number on the back and a MotoSurf WorldCup logo on your right arm 10 x 4,5cm logo for dowload here)

Template for your design- jetsurf_racing_triko_black and jetsurf_racing_triko_white. When your design is ready, please send it to email in curves in PDF. Price for producing of this t-shirt is 50EUR. Deadline for sending graphics is 15.2.2017

Jetsurf and MSWC offer our special Jetsurf vest, which comply with FIDSM regules.

Price 255EUR

Jetsurf wetsuits

Price 260EUR

Jetsurf Helmet /black/

Price 220EUR

Jetsurf Carbon Helmet


Price 450EUR

Contact for orders: