Title decider done and dusted! We know the Champions!

MotoSurf World Championship concluded the 2022 campaign with its 4th round of the season. Falkensteiner premium Camping in Zadar, Croatia, hosted the final shootout and for the several classes, it was truly an exceptional battle until the end.

In the open Class, we expected hard fight between two super experienced and super fast racers – Lukas Zahorsky and Jakub Kornfeil who stood just five points behind the reigning world champion. Battle for third was still open between Dominik Kadlec, Marek Škamla and Dan Provaznik.

First shootout – qualifying – Zahorsky wins, Kornfeil struggles and finishes 9th.

Second challenge – Lukas Zahorsky showed perfect ride and topped all three heats from Marek Škamla. Jakub Kornfeil ended the Saturday program in 5th which helped Zahorsky to extend the point margin but at the same time, still keep the championship wide open before the finals.

In the first finals, Zahorsky took the lead and controlled the session from Kornfeil and Lukas Kozon which out Jakub Kornfeil in tough situation to clinch the World title.

In the second round, Zahorsky managed to get the best start and took the lead. Marek Škamla made progress up into 2nd place where he eventually crossed the finish line. Jakub Kornfeil took 3rd place and the question about the title was answered. Lukáš Záhorský clinched his 5th MotoSurf World title and claimed his position of most successful motorized surfer in the world. Jakub Kornfeil finished 2nd and Marek Škamla made it to the last podium step in 3rd.

However, in the championship standings, Dominik Kadlec defended his 3rd place by 3 just points from Marek Škamla.

In the Stock Class, the race weekend was full of expectations. Separated by jsut a few points, Down Kim and Ayrton Eboli were ready to fight for the world title.

In the qualifying, Petr Červený topped the session from American Antony Squire a Down Kim completed the top three. Ayrton Eboli finished only 12 in the timed session. In the heats, Down Kim dominated every single session and scored a clean sweep. British racer Rui Merralls equalled Kim and finished tied on points. Ayrton Eboli took 4th with 2-2-1 after Saturday.

In the finals, Down‘s 1-1 decided the title without any doubt and Down Kim became the first even non-european MotoSurf WorldChampion. Fourth and seventh in the finals brought overall 6th to Ayrton Eboli who defended his 2nd place in the championship. Hasan Boabbas from Kuwait didn’t have the best weekend with 7th and 6th in the finals. Unfortunatelly, likeable Kuwaiti didn’t manage to defend his 3rd place in the Championship from Rui Merralls who scored a bunch of points with overall 2nd in Croatia.

The GP podium was completed by Jakub Kozon from the Czech Republic.

In the Stock R class, all eyes were on Alex Lukscheider and Matyas Novotny who fought for the championship until the last moment. In the qualifying, Alex Lukscheider found better pace and stopped the clock on a 0.6 seconds faster laptime than Matyas.

In the heats, Matyas Novotny won all rounds and opened up a comfortable margin after Alex Lukscheider got technical penalty in Heat 1 and concluded the Heats program only in 5th.

In the finals, Matyas Novotny showed faster pace in F1 and made his way closer to the title. In the second shootout, he finished 2nd behind Alex and decided about his title. Just until the moment a techincal discrepancy was found on his board the title went to hands of Alex.

However, the riders concluded the weekend in high rivality on the track, but great friendship on the shore as both stood up on the top podium steps as champions of the season.

In the GP standings, Denis Burda took his premiere victory, Matej Kozisek finished 2nd while Alex Lukscheider completed the top 3.

The women class saw a final dance of its 5 times world champion Aneta Šacherová. After 7 years in the championship and getting 5 world titles under her belt, the Czech rider decided on giving farewell to professional sport. And closed the chapter in style – All heats and both finals won – that was the last dance of the queen and her last overall victory.

Eliška Matoušková controlled the qualifying and 3rd and 2nd brought super fast young talent in 2nd place overally. Aneta Stloukalová concluded the weekend in 3rd.

In the championship, Aneta Šacherová got her 5th title while Aneta Stloukalová was crowned as runner up and Eliška Matoušková finished as 3rd world‘s fastest female racer.

In the Juniors Boys, the seasons favorite Oliver Navara finished the season as the 2022 World Champion from Sebastian Kostelecky and Kuwaiti Ramadhan Fares who made incredible effort to make to the top 3 in the final stage of the season.

Junior Girls saw Mariana Navarova as the fastest girl getting the world title from two Slovakians – Emma Strculova who finished second and Zara Kubincova taking the last podium spot.

In the Electric Challenge – Kožíšek vs Skoček – let’s see how it went.

Michal Skoček opened the season well with PolePosition from the qualifying. In the heats, Matej Kozisek sweeped both runs to maximum points score. Alain Coppens from Belgium finished just behind and Michal Skoček took 3rd.

In the finals, Matej Kozisek dominated both sessions with 1-1. Alain Coppens grabbed 2nd with 2-2 and Michal Uhlár made it to the last podium step. Michal Skoček was unfortunately with 5-4 and that delivered the last piece of mosaic. Matej Kozisek became the MotoSurf Electric World Champion from Michal Skoček and Belgium representative Alain Coppens.

Part of the weekend and it’s electric part, e-foil masters took place in Zadar and saw 6 riders from 3 different in fight on the flying surfboards. Czech rider Jan Skorepa dominated the weekend and scored a victory. Slovenian representative Simon Ogrinec finished 2nd from Vaclav Hruby who closed the top three.

The beautiful Falkensteiner campsite offered a wonderful setup for the evening Championship prize giving ceremony where all the rider gathered and celebrated the 2022 season. Hope you all had a great time with us and looking forward to seeing you in 2023.