Záhorský back on top while Sacherova and Kim come closer to title

The third round of the UIM MotoSurf World Championship headed from Mexico all the way over the ocean to Europe. To a beautiful coast of Puglia Region in Italy, where the event was hosted by Rodi Garganico Marina.

Italy welcomed unbelievable number of 16 countries and 103 racers from four different continents. In the Open Class, season current leader Jakub Kornfeil was hoping to extend the championship lead and make a step closer towards his title. However, the qualifying played in favor of Lukas Zahorsky who posted the fastest qualifying laptime from Jakub Kornfeil and Marek Škamla.

The Stock class was dominated by Stock class contenders – Rui Merralls from Great Britain stole the pole position, Korean Down Kim finished second and Mexican topgun Ayrton Eboli completed the top three. The Stock R Class was dominated by Alex Lukscheider while his sister Linda surprised the field and topped the timed session in women class from Eunjin Lee from Korea and Sára Volfová from the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, Juniors session was cancelled due to weather conditions and so the youth talents started based on the Championship standings, the same format was applied for the Electric Challenge.

In the heats, Lukáš Záhorský finished on top in his group. The other group of open class was very unlucky for weather conditions but race direction continued in racing for the premiere class of the MotoSurf World Championship. Super wavy conditions brought absolutely stunning performance by Slovakia Marek Škamla who dominated the session. Daniel Provazník finished second and Kim Minseong from Korea scored respectable third place finish.

In the Finals, Lukas Zahorsky scored 1 and 2 for the overall victory. Marek Škamla was unlucky in the first final but managed to steal the victory in the second shootout for the overall 2nd place finish. Dominik Kadlec from the Czech Republic completed the top 3 with 2 and 4.

In the Stock Class, spectators witnessed a very strong performance by Jakub Kozon who controlled the weekend. Timotej Zubor from Slovakia made to podium for the first time in his career with 2nd place. Jan Travnicek from Czech Republic marked a successfull debut with 3rd. This time, the title contenders stayed behind the podium – Down Kim finished 4th, Ayrton Eboli 5th, Hasan Boabbas 7th and Rui Merralls in 9th Spot. The title chase will then move to the very last round of the championship in Zadar, Croatia.

Alex Lukscheider managed to with score victory from Matyáš Novotný and Damian Kadlec who finally managed to grab World Championship trophy.

In the women class, Aneta Sacherova showed pure dominance in the finals and extended her championship lead while Aneta Stloukalova didnt even make it to the Finals. Eli Charousova enjoyed a super strong weekend and 2nd and 4th brought her 2nd place overally. Consistent ride by Lucie Kafkova brought her on 3rd place to score the first MSWC podium.

In the Junior Class, Oliver Navara scored another victory under his belt. Ramadhan Fares – new comer from Kuwait, stepped up on the 2nd place after the finals. Sebastian Kostelecky closed the top 3. Jantorn Vatcharasak from Thailand finished just behind the podium in 4th.

In the Junior girls, Mariana Navarova equalled the victory of his sister. Two Slovakians Zara Kubincova and Emma Strculova finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

In the Electric Challenge, reigning World Champion Michal Skoček returned on the top step. Matej Kozisek concluded the weekend in 2nd while French racer Julien Raynaud scored his premiere podium.


The next round of the Championship  the big final in Zadar, Croatia happening in three weeks time.