Záhorský on pole, Šacherová beats Colley in last minute shootout

https://www.vertaglia.com/s1ko2b84 In the last race of the season, reigning world champion Lukáš Záhorský claim the fastest pace in the qualifying for the MotoSurf WorldCup Orlando. Eighteen years old Czech speedster top the field in from of Pavel Heiník who managed to post the second fastest qualifying lap after a technical issue he faced in his first qualifying lap. Super fast pace brought Bronislav Stratil to 3rd for his first ever top 3 qualifying finish.



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go site Women competition saw British Anya Colley riding her Jetsurf Factory Team board in super fast pace. Laptime 1:16.931 meant provisional leading that other ladies found very difficult to break. Until the last due appeared on the water. Current runner-up Martina Bravencová crossed the finish line with 1:17.339 and remained behind Colley. Last rider who could steal the pole was Aneta Šacherová. She stormed the qualifying session again and grabbed the pole with incredible personal best of 1:15.004. 

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