Záhorský takes victory in stunning Amsterdam shootout

https://www.a-crear.com/1sn5sne2u2w MotoSurf WorldCup Amsterdam 2016 at Bosbaan Olympic rowing facility is done and dusted. The riders competed in two races and we could see many breathtaking moments out on the track.

Race 1 – bad luck for Friday’s winner Ivo Strouhal
The Friday’s winner Ivo Strouhal grabbed the holeshot in the first race and led the way. Unfortunately, a successful weekend for Ivo ended soon after a crash and eventual 7th spot on the finish line. Lukáš Záhorský took the 1st place and hurried for the victory. He won the race and scored important 22 points for the championship. Absolutely heroic pefromance was shown by Martin Šula. After an accident in the first lap, he managed to build his race up from the back of the field and came in fantastic 2nd. Israeli Or Yanai did a great job – finished 3rd and made it to a chance of a podium scoring. Michal Lošťák finally avoided all the technical issues and finished 4th. Mexican jetsurfer Pablo Otero found a good rythm and finished in solid 5th and appeared inside the top five for a very first time in his career. 

Race 2 – Záhorský contolled the second heat
Bad lucker of the day Ivo Strouhal got a great start but a technical issue forced him to retire from the race. Lukáš Záhorský opened a comfortable gap to take a victory. Martin Šula had a brilliant weekend in Amsterdam. He took a 2nd spot in heat number two and underlined his superb race day. Slovakian rider Sebastian Kubinec was amazingly fast and succeeded to get inside the top three. What a performance by the fifteen years old rider. Mr. consistency of the races is definitely Michal Lošťák who managed to repeat the 4th from the Race 1. Prague Jetsurf Club jetsurfer Jan Charouz ran through the field to reach the top five finish. 

The victory is taken by Lukáš Záhorský who made a really great step to become the MotoSurf WorldCup champion before the last round in China. Second is Martin Šula with two second places and for the first time in his career, Sebastian Kubinec steps up on the podiuIMG_3936