Aneta Sacherova

#4 | CZE | MSR engines racing team


Aneta Šacherová hit the ladies‘ competition with style. She was finding her way in the early stages of the season, but a hard preparation and training put her to another level. She came second in Mexico and dominated the race in Slovakia with a double victory of women category. Aneta‘s  another three victories in a row are well enough to crown the Jetsurf Factory rider 2016 MotoSurf WorldCup Champion.

Personal Info

MSR engines racing team
Racing No.
Race Board

Final WorldCup position - 2018

1st 802points

Season stats

season races finished best pos. final
2018 5 1st (USA, KOR, CHN, GBR) 1st
2017 5 1st (FRA) 2nd
2016 3 1st (CZE, SVK) 1st

Last races results

event finished pos.
2018 Naples - USA FinalA 1st
2018 Busan - KOR FinalA 1st
2018 Shanghai - CHN FinalA 1st
2018 Wyboston - GBR FinalA 1st
2018 Brno - CZE FinalA 2nd
2017 Naples - USA FinalA 2nd
2017 Prague - CZE FinalA 2nd
2017 Wyboston Lake - GBR FinalA 2nd
2017 Saint Petersburg - RUS FinalA 2nd
2017 Fréjus - FRA FinalA 1st
2016 Praha - CZE FinalA 1st
2016 Zlaté Piesky - SVK FinalA 1st
2016 Cancun - MEX FinalA 2nd