Cancun Welcomes 2nd Annual MotoSurf WorldCup Race 2016

Cancun, Mexico – The Cancun Convention & Visitors Bureau is proud to welcome back for the second time the Moto Surf Grand Prix to be held May 13 – 15, 2016. This is the second annual global JetSurf competition in Cancun where more than 50 international champions will race in a showcase of adrenaline and action.


The aquatic race will take place at the beautiful Chac Chi Bay in Blvd. Kukulkan Km. 3.2 in the Hotel Zone. The weather and geographical conditions of the bay make it the ideal place for this race, where thousands of devoted fans and tourists from around the world will be able to enjoy the event from ashore. The Grand Prix event will offer sitting and shaded areas, as well as food and drinks for the enjoyment of spectators and fans.


On Friday, May 13, the official inauguration and press conference will take place. That same day, the national qualifying race will also take place where four Mexican winners will be chosen to be in the running for the Grand Prix. On Saturday, May 14, the semifinals will occur, allowing more than 50 professionals to race for their final shot at the cup. That night, a VIP party will take place in the Aloft Hotel celebrating the finalists who will race one last time on Sunday, May 15. The awards ceremony will be held shortly following the end of the race to recognize the three champions of the 2016 Moto Surf Grand Prix.


Some of the most renowned racing participants include:

  • Jakub Kornfeil – Czech Republic (MotoGP – moto3 racer, MotoSurf GP 2015 world champion)
  • Flavien Neyertz, France (MotoSurf GP 2014 world champion)
  • Martin Sonka – Czech Republic (Redbull Air Race pilot)